Please note: Leather is a natural material so will vary in colour slightly, these images are simply to give you an idea of what the leather’s characteristics are like. This guide was created in November 2015 please bare that in mind for accuracy. We will try to update the guide every 6 – 12 months. These images are for personal use only and all belong exclusively to Wested Leather Co.

Before reading these guides please take a look at the ‘Buying Guide’ on wested.com to get a brief description of the basic leather characteristics. The leathers listed in this guide are not all the materials we stock, if you are looking for something different please contact us, we work with any material and have a lot of ‘random’ bundles of leather that we don’t show on the website due to only having enough skin for one or two jackets.


Authentic Lambskin

This is our standard lambskin; it’s used in the Indiana Jones stock jackets and many others. This is a slightly heavier nappa. It has a very soft feel to it and in general is a medium brown.


Dark Lambskin

This is our darker lambskin; it is lighter in weight than the Authentic Lambskin. The colour is darker than the Authentic with a red hue to it (which can often distort the colour slightly in images unfortunately!)

Shrunken Lambskin

The most popular skin – it’s the closest skin to the original Indy jacket. Due to the volume of orders skin colours tend to vary. The skin itself is medium weight, very soft and has a unique grain. It has a subtle natural distressing in it which means no two bundles of skin are the same!


Black Nappa Lambskin

Nappa in general is the softest lambskin available. It’s got a smooth texture and can make any jacket look designer. It’s the best lambskin available to buy.




Pre-distressed Lambskin

This is our heaviest lambskin, almost as thick as some of our standard cowhides but without the weight! It’s a light coloured distressing and perfect for any jacket and waistcoat to give the vintage feel. It is a matte skin despite the photo seeming to give it a shine.



Standard Goatskin

Goatskin has a very unique grain to it and is weight-wise in-between Lamb and Cow Hide. It’s got a bit more body than lambskin but the main attraction is the unique grain that only goatskin has. It is slightly darker than Authentic Lamb and has a grey-tone to it.

Sometimes in Goatskin we come across darker bundles that we offer separately, however in general we only stock standard Goatskin and no other variations. If you wish for a darker bundle please contact wested@wested.com to see what is available.


'Lambtouch' Hide

Lambtouch Hide is a light Cow-hide, it has the durability of hide with the weight of lambskin.


Standard Black Lambtouch

(The only difference between these two are the colour!)


Regular Cow Hide

Standard Brown Hide

This hide can vary slightly in colour, dependant on the supplier and the cow! As leather is a natural material it is very hard to control this. In general this hide will be nice and soft but thick and very durable. We recommend it for longer coats!


Standard Black Hide

This hide holds the same characteristic as the brown but the colour is more controlled as it’s black!


Pre-distressed Hide

This hide is a very durable skin; it is not a lightweight skin but is the most lightweight pre-distressed hide (compared with the Novapelle skins). It has a great colouring to it also.


Copper Novapelle Hide

A lot softer than the pre-distressed and slightly heavier – the beauty of this skin however is the colour. It has a very subtle almost matte distressing rather than the slight shine of pre-distressed. It is a premium skin.

Dark Novapelle Hide

The only difference between Copper Novapelle and Dark Brown is the colouring! Despite the pictures seeming similar, the Dark Brown comes off as a black, brown, grey or dark purple undertone. These are inconsistent skins so colour and grain varies!


Italian ‘Rosetta’ Hide

This skin has a great grain to it, coupled with a light chestnut colour and almost plum undertone. It is a medium weight.




Black Suede

Suede is a soft skin with a unique texture; it is not waterproof like Nubuck. It’s nice and lightweight and people often go for suede in a spring jacket for some extra warmth.


Brown Suede

Suede is a soft skin with a unique texture; it is not waterproof like Nubuck. It’s nice and lightweight and people often go for suede in a spring jacket for some extra warmth.

Tan Suede

Suede is a soft skin with a unique texture; it is not waterproof like Nubuck. It’s nice and lightweight and people often go for suede in a spring jacket for some extra warmth.


Horse Hide

Standard Horse Hide

Our horse hide is clothing grade; this means it’s lighter than regular horse hide but still thicker than cowhide. It’s a very durable and heavy skin that will last for years.

Rocketeer Horse Hide

In general this skin is only ever used for the Rocketeer jacket. The hide is lovely and thick with a gorgeous tan colour and smooth texture. 



Currently we do not offer to make bespoke or custom make sheepskins, we simply offer two flying jackets, one male, one female – in two different colours, Black & Black, Black & White is also available along with Ginger & Beige



We offer a full range of colours in Lambskin but please enquire to wested@wested.com


Here’s a picture of a few jackets in the described skins to give you a better idea, please note skins vary – especially the inconsistent ones. We cannot guarantee you’ll get a jacket exactly the same as those below; they are just to give a better concept of the skin.



<< Pre-distressed Hide


Heavy Duty Pre-distressed Lambskin >>


<< Authentic Goatskin


Authentic Lambskin >>



<< Dark Brown Lambskin

Shrunken Lambskin >>


<< Italian Rosetta Hide

Dark Brown Novapelle >>


<< Rocketeer Hide

Brown Horse Hide >>