Wested Leather Co


Indiana Jones Originals

Original makers of the Raiders of the Lost Ark jacket, worn by Harrison Ford.

100% Genuine Leather

Want to know more about our leather and its durability? Just ask!

Made in Britain

98% of our products are made in England at our factory in the heart of London.

Street-Wise Fit

Our clothing doesn’t just look good, it feels good too.

How To Measure Guide

How To Measure Guide

In this guide we will go over how to measure yourself for a leather jacket from scratch and how to measure from a jacket you own.

Read The Guide

New Customer Photo Area

Wested Leather Co are proud to be able to show you all some amazing photographs of just some of our customers in there Outfits and Costumes. Thanks Guys and Girls and if you want to be Famous and part of the gallery then feel free to email in anything that you feel we maybe able to use. CLICK HERE

View the Leather Guide

We have put together a small sample of the most popular and daily used Leather Skins for you all to see a sample. If you hover over the photo's a name will appear to tell you which skin it is and you can then click on the photo and it will open up larger for you to see the texture & colour of the skin CLICK HERE

About the Store (Physical Shop Closed)

When the Covid-19 Outbreak happened we had to make a very quick decision so we could carry on trading. So the Shop is now Permanently Closed & all gone & we are now 100% Online, we are still here to answer your questions and help in anyway we can and the quickest way will be to email the us on wested@wested.com