Sizing Questions

Pit to pit is the measurement that we take from laying the jacket out flat zipped up and pulled out across the chest and then measuring from one side to the other side.

This measurement is given in order to estimate the exact dimensions of jacket.

For example

If a size 38 jacket has a pit to pit of 22 (doubled being 44) then you know that the jacket has a 6-inch tolerance for ease of wear.

A size 38 jacket with a pit to pit of 21 (doubled being 42) then you know that the jacket is maybe a slimmer cut as the tolerance would be only four inches.

Most of our jackets we allow a 6 inch plus tolerance.

The back length is measured from the nape of the neck to the desired finished length of the jacket.

This measurement comes from the neck seam to the hem of the jacket.

It does not include the collar or the collar stand.

We are often asked for example I am 6ft 2 so what back length do I need ?

Height does not always determine length of jacket.

For example

We could have 2 men of the same height but one may be long waisted and one short waisted .The short waisted man may need a slightly shorter jacket to the long waisted man.

If you do not fit the standard jacket and need a custom then maybe look at your own jackets and see what length suits you.

Sleeve length is measured from the end of the shoulder down towards the wrist finishing at your desired sleeve length.

Everybody has their own choice to how long they like to wear their sleeves. Some people like their sleeves to finish at their wrist whilst others like their sleeve to finish mid hand. When ordering a custom there is no right or wrong sleeve length.

It is just a matter of your desired sleeve length.

You may have a favourite jacket that you love the sleeve length of or use the size chart attached to each design for further help.

If you are ordering a standard jacket then take a look at the measurement chart attached to that style and look at the difference between the chest and pit to pit .

For example

Style A 38 chest, pit to pit 22 (doubled 44)

Tolerance of jacket is 6 inches so a 39 chest would still have a 5-inch tolerance. So, we would recommend you make sure this is enough room for you and then make your dessision from there.

Style B chest 38, pit to pit 21 (doubled 42)

Tolerance would be 4 inches but for a 39 chest only 3-inch tolerance. So we would recommend that would be too small so order a 40

The honest answer is probably not as the Raiders jackets have action plates at the back for a better range of movement and the Logan jacket is a fitted Levi style short jacket with no action pleats.

My answer to you would be to compare both measurement charts to see the difference between the two individual styles. If the styles are similar in size just bear in mind that the Logan has not got an action pleat so the movement will be slightly limited in comparison.

Even our full range of Indy jackets are totally individual in fit. Each style has its own chart.


Stock jackets are as advertised within skin choice and sizing.

Each jacket also has an attached drop down box with its own individual measurement chart.

Many of our jackets are also available as custom orders.

Options for custom orders are as follows

Sleeve length

Back length

Hardware options

Skin choice

Lining choice

We also give you an option for an extra inside pocket on a custom made jacket with or without a zip.

Any additional requirements would be classed as bespoke.

Customers often supply us with a complete set of measurements including quite drastic changes to the original patterns.

Custom really is only an option for the list above. Anything above and beyond the custom list becomes a bespoke.

A bespoke means that you have your own pattern made individually for you with as many changes and alterations that you want.

It has a minimum 16 week turn around, subject to availability and location as more work is involved.

It is broken down into two stages, a cotton mock-up (toile) then we proceed to the leather/suede version.

Skin, lining and trims of your selection.

This service is only done remotely.

The Bespoke service often has a waiting list so please contact us for availability.

This unique service starts at around £695.00 depending on size of design.

A certificate of authenticity is only issued for a Raiders of the lost Ark, temple of doom or last crusade jackets, providing no custom design has been added.

For Example:

If you have changed the pockets of your Indiana Jones jacket or added different hardware other than our options for example, then this will not be an original Indiana Jones style. Therefore no certificate will be issued.

Gussetts are a small extra piece fitted under the armpit area in the sleeves.

These are designed to help stop the sleeves riding up too much if you lift your arms a lot for instance if you ride a bike etc.

They re not visible unless you lift your arms right up and so do not alter the look of the jacket.

X-Box sticking is exactly what it says.

Its an extra cross of stitching on the side strap ends for a little extra support if you are one of those people who like to pull your straps etc.

It does give extra strength to the side straps and is always recommended as a good idea.

For anyone wondering if it was on the original jacket the answer is No but remember your jacket will be an everyday jacket and not a jacket used on a Film Set.